International Airport

Airline Name ICAO IATA Callsign Country
Albatros Airways LBW 4H ALBANWAYS Albania
Alberta Government GOA     Canada
Alexandair AXN     Greece
Alexandria Airlines KHH XH   Egypt
ALIA - Royal Jordanian Airline RJA RJ   Jordan
Aliadriatica ADH AP   Italy
Alisarda ISS IG   Italy
Alisea Airlines BBG FZ   Italy
Alitalia AZA AZ ALITALIA Italy
Alitalia Express SMX XM   Italy
All Leisure       United Kingdom
All Nippon Airways ANA NH   Japan
Allegheny Commuter ALO     United States
Allegiant Air AAY G4   United States
Allegro Airlines GRO LL   Mexico
Alliance Air LLR CD ALLIED India
Alliance Air AFJ Y2   Uganda
Alliance Airlines QQA QQ   Australia
Alliance Express       Ethiopia
ALMA de Mexico MSO C4 ALMA Mexico
AlMasria Universal Airlines LMU     Egypt
Almaty Aviation LMT 6T   Kazakhstan
Aloha Air Cargo AAH KH ALOHA United States
Aloha Airlines AAH AQ ALOHA United States
Alpine Aviation ANF     United Kingdom
Alsace Exel   XT   France
Altyn Air Airlines LYN QH   Kyrgyzstan
Alyemda - Democratic Yemen Airlines DYA DY   People's Democratic Republic Of Yemen
Amakusa Airlines     AMAKUSA Japan
Amapola Flyg APF   AMAPOLA Sweden
Ambassador Airways AMY B3   United Kingdom
Amberair       United Kingdom
AMC Aviation AMV     Egypt
Amcur Investments Nao       United States
Amerer Air AMK     Austria
America West Airlines AWE HP CACTUS United States
American Airlines AAL AA AMERICAN United States
American Eagle EGF MQ EAGLEFLIGHT United States
American Falcon AFB WK   Argentina
American Inter-Island ITL     United States
American International Airways CKS CB   United States
American Trans Air AMT TZ   United States
Ameristar Jet Charter AJI     United States
Amsterdam Airlines AAN     Netherlands
Amway Corp       United States
Anadolu Jet       Turkey
Andalus Lineas Aéreas       Spain
Andalusair       Spain
Andes Lineas Aereas   OY   Argentina
Angel Airlines NGE 8G   Thailand
Angkor Airways AKW G6 AIR ANGKOR Cambodia
Anglo Cargo Ltd. ANC EC   United Kingdom
Anic Airways ANR N3   Croatia
Ankair VVF   WORLD FOCUS Turkey
Ansett Airlines AAA AN   Australia
Ansett Australia AAA AN ANSETT Australia
Ansett Express NSW WX   Australia
Ansett New Zealand       New Zealand
Ansett W.A.       Australia
Antillean Airlines (ALM) ALM LM   Netherlands Antilles
Antonov Design Bureau ADB     Ukraine
Antrak Air ABV   ANTRAK Ghana
AOM French Airlines AOM IW   France
APA International Air APY 7P   United States
Apollo Airlines AOA PJ   Greece
Aqaba Airlines       Jordan
Arab International Aviation Company   KK   Egypt
Arabasco       Saudi Arabia
ARAMCO       Saudi Arabia
Aravco ARV     United Kingdom
Archana Airways ACY F5   India
Arctic Sunwest Charters       Canada
ARG Linea Privada Argentina LPR MJ LAPA Argentina
Aria Air IRX   ARIA Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Ariana Afghan Airlines AFG FG ARIANA Afghanistan
Arik Air ARA W3 ARIK AIR Nigeria
Arkas ARK K7   Colombia
ArkeFly TFL OR ARKEFLY Netherlands
Arkia - Israeli Airlines AIZ IZ   Israel
Armavia RNV U8   Armenia
Armenian Airlines RME R3   Armenia
Armenian International Airways RML MV   Armenia
Arnoro ARN     Bosnia And Herzegovina
Arrow Air APW JW BIG A United States
Aruba Exel RBX     Aruba
Aserca Airlines OCA R7 ASERCA Venezuela
Asia Continental Airlines CID     Kazakhstan
Asia Pacific Airlines MLP A6   Papua New Guinea
Asian Spirit RIT 6K   Philippines
Asiana Airlines AAR OZ ASIANA Republic Of Korea
ASNet Inc       United States
Aspen Airways ASP     United States
Aspen Mountain Air       United States
Astar Air Cargo       United States
Astra Airlines ARN     Switzerland
Astra Airlines AZI     Greece